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Bedazzled Brush Set

Hello Gorgeous

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Bedazzled Brush Set
Bedazzled Brush Set
Bedazzled Brush Set
A gorgeous gal needs gorgeous tools--bedazzled tools, to be exact! The Hello Gorgeous brushes are made of 8 soft synthetic fiber hairs, aluminum ferrules, and plastic handles. 
The brush set comes with a sparkling zipper bag so you can bring your brushes with you in a fashionable manner. 
1. Powder Brush - use to apply loose powder
2. Blush Brush - use to apply powder or cream blush
3. Contour Brush - use for contouring facial features
4. Foundation Brush - use to apply liquid or cream foundation
5. Big Eyeshadow Brush - use to apply base color eyeshadow
6. Dome Small Eyeshadow Brush (Bullet Brush) - use to apply crease for detailed eye look
7. Nose Shadow Brush - use to create nose line
8. Eyebrow Brush - use to define eyebrows

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